Persian Cucumber


available from Canada during the summer, and all year-round from the Dominican. Increasing its popularity 30 to 40%% a year. Easy to cut on average 5-8 in. long.


Translations: Persiešu Gurķi, Persijos agurkas, Persană Castravete, Perzijski krastavac, Dưa chuột Ba Tư, Perski Ogórek, Perzische Komkommer, फारसी ककड़ी, Persa pepino, Персидский огурцов, Περσικά Αγγούρι, الخيار الفارسي, 페르시아어 오이, Perský okurka, Persia Ketimun, Persian pipino, 波斯黄瓜, Pèrsic Cogombre, Perzijski kumara, Perzský uhorka, Persiano Cetriolo, הפרסי מלפפון, Persiska Gurka, Персијски Краставац, ペルシャキュウリ, Persique concombre, Persischen Gurke, Persisk Agurk, Persisk Agurk, Pérsico Pepino, Перська огірків, Persian Kurkku, Персийски краставици



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Persian Cucumbers are tasty and have strong fresh and lively scent. Iranians eat lots of fruits and it is their tradition to server their guests with fresh fruits. In the summer Perisan Cucumber is always served.