Canadian Whisky


Whisky produced in Canada. They must be aged for at least three years in a wooden barrel and most contain a large percentage of rye.


Translations: Kanādas Viskijs, Kanados viskį, Kanadski viski, Whisky Canada, Canadese Whisky, कनाडियन व्हिस्की, Канадское виски, الكندي ويسكي, 캐나다 위스키, Kanadská Whisky, Wiski Kanada, Canadian Wiski, 加拿大威士忌, Whisky canadiense, Kanadski viski, Kanadská Whisky, וויסקי קנדי, Kanadensisk Whisky, Канадски виски, カナダウィスキー, Le whisky canadien, Whisky canadenc, Канадське віскі, Kanadan Whisky, Канадски Уиски



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