Affilla Cress


A micro green that tastes like fresh peas and is excellent with mild or sweet dishes. The tops of the plant are popular in South East Asia.


Other names: Helando
Translations: Affilla Kressalāti, Affilla Pipirnės, Affilla creson, Affilla cress, Affilla cải xoong, Affilla Rzeżucha, Affilla Кресс, Affilla Κάρδαμο, Affilla الرشاد, Affilla 유채과의 야채, Affilla Řeřicha, Affilla selada, Affilla克莱斯, Affilla Berro, Affilla Kreša, Affilla žerucha, Affilla Crescione, Affilla גרגיר, Аффилла угас, Affillaクレス, Affilla Karse, Affilla Berro, Affilla Кресс, Affilla Vihanneskrassi, Affilla кресон



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