Carlos Queen Apple


Below you will find the most complete apple variety listing on the web. Our Apple Variety listings includes edible apples and crab apples that have been planted in significant numbers in the United States. It does not include: 1) flowering crabs, rootstocks or inedibles; 2) varieties that have never been made public; 3) obscure varieties that have not come to our attention; 4) and many of the International Apple Variety List (coming soon) that have been grown almost exclusively overseas.

We show US Plant Patent numbers and indicate Registered Trademarks for varieties that have them. We urge you to respect the arm of the apple industry that brings us our great new varieties. It is illegal to propogate patented varieties without permission of the patent holder.

A variety list and its associated descriptive information are subject to a great number of limitations. There are many historical questions that may never be answered, such as where a variety originated and when it was discovered. There are numerous varieties that are called by several names. However, there are also some answers that may yet come, as in cases where DNA testing determines the true parents of varieties that have, for many years, been considered offspring of other parents.


Translations: Carlos karalienė &, Carlos Regina Apple, Apple Queen Carlos, Carlos Koningin Apple, कार्लोस महारानी एप्पल, Carlos Apple Rainha, Карлос королева Apple, Carlos Apple Queen, كارلوس الملكة أبل, 카를로스 퀸 애플, Carlos královna Apple, Carlos Ratu Apple, 卡洛斯皇后苹果, Carlos Reina Apple, Carlos kráľovná Apple, קרלוס אפל המלכה, Карлос Краљица јабука, カルロスの女王アップル, Apple reine Carlos, Carlos Reina Apple, Карлос королева Apple, Карлос кралица Apple



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