Canestrato Di Moliterno


A hard cheese made from mixed sheeps' and goats' milk cheese from Puglia, Italy. It's matured for a minimum of 60 days and up to 8 months. The final product is round and weighs from 2-18 pounds. It has a ridged, rosy rind and is soft with a somewhat fatty paste. It is ivory colored and has a strong, almost spicy taste. It is served as a table cheese or grated over dishes. It is reccommend to be paired with fresh, raw vegetables and pears. It is from the Pecorino family, and is produced in the commune of Moliterno. During the last 100 years 2 types have developed. During the winter the cheese is a richer, fatter made from milk from herds that fed in wet pastures. The other type is made in the summer and is less rich but more aromatic. This is during the time when the herds are in the mountain pastures.


Translations: Canestratoはディモリテルノ, Canestrato دي Moliterno, Pecorino Di Moliterno, Canestrato 디 Moliterno, Di Canestrato Moliterno, Di Canestrato Moliterno, Canestrato די Moliterno, Canestrato Di Молитерно, Canestrato di Moliterno, Canestrato Di Молітерно, Canestrato迪莫利泰尔诺, Цанестрато Ди Молитерно, Canestrato Ди Moliterno

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Pecorino



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