Blood Clams


Considered a delicacy, these reddish clams can also carry hepatitis, so they are difficult to find (as they are illegal in many areas) and should be eaten with caution.

In Thailand they are served with bird-eye chilis, fish sauce and lime juice.


Translations: Asins Gliemenes, Kraujo Moliuskai, Sânge scoici, Blood školjke, Nghêu máu, Krwi Małże, Bloed Clams, खून Clams, Blood Amêijoas, Кровь Clams, Αίμα Clams, الدم المحار, 블러드 조개, Krevní Škeble, Крв шкољке, Dugo tulya, 血蛤, Sang Cloïsses, Blood školjke, Krvné mušle, Sangue Vongole, דם הצדפות, Blod Musslor, Darah Clams, 血液アサリ, Blood palourdes, Blood Venusmuscheln, Sangre Almejas, Кров Clams, Blood Simpukat, Кръв Миди

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