Laing/ Ginataang Gabi/ Taro Leaves and Stem With Coconut Milk


1/2 kilogram Pork, Ground Round
1 kilogram of Taro Leaves and Stems, Hand Peeled and tare
4 cans of Coco Milk or 3 Fresh Coconut Flesh is Grinded and milk
1 bulb of Onion, Chopped
4 tbp. fish Sauce (Depends on Taste)
5 tablespoons of White Vinegar
1 tablespoon Salt


Tare the leaves of the Taro from it's Veins and Peel the Stems
The Stems Is Cut into an Inch length
Boil the Taro for an Hour or until it is What it looks like Over cooked
Drain the Water co'z it contains the Toxic of the plant Reboil it for another 15 mins. and Drain
While the Plant is boiled Prepare all other Ingredients
Pre Heat Wok or Ordinary pan with coocking oil or Olive Oil
Stir Fry Onions and Garlic until Cooks
Add in Ground Pork
Then the Fish Sauce, Cook Until the Smell of the Fish Sauce is Evaporated
Add in the Coconut milk Cook it Until Thick not Curdle, in fresh coconut, when the flesh cannot give off anymore milk add water to the flesh and the extract of it is the first to add in the pan and boiled before the Pure coconut milk is Added
Now you can Add the Boiled Taro
Add in Vinegar ( Note: like in Lutong Tuyo Make Sure not to Stir or put a lid When you add the Vinegar it will ruin the taste of the food, Leave it until the Acidic Smell of the vinegar is Gone)
Add in Salt to Taste


Taro Leaves and Stem is Toxic, resulting Itchiness or Swelling in the mouth (Swelling sometimes Occurs when you Have an Allerg reaction to the Plan, so don't Try this on if you have),
so it is boiled many times or for a long period to lessen or to dissolve the Toxicity of the plant, Just make sure to Boil and Drain Repeatedly, to be sure that the Toxic is Gone just try to put a tablespoon of the Water from the Boiled Taro leaves in the mouth and spit imediately and see if it itch a little, don't worry the itch will gone right away but if not Gargle Vinegar Imediately!
If this Bothers you I am 100 % Sure that it is Fail safe co'z I am cooking this Dish Since I was 10 years old. Chow on! ^_^
You can also add Hibe (Dried Shrimp) to add Flavor
Best served With Rice...


6 servings


Friday, September 10, 2010 - 9:35pm

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