Nuggets Revisited with Xocai Healthy Chocolate


2 cups peanut butter
24 Xocai Healthy Chocolate Nuggets
24 frozen berries
24 whole almonds


Place peanut butter in 1/2 inch diameter rounds on cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Freeze to harden; peel off wax paper. Place 24 small silicone baking cups in a large low-sided cookie sheet. Put 1/4 inch water in cookie sheet to control temperature. Heat cookie sheet on lowest setting on a griddle bridge element or on a electric stove-top. Put one nugget in each baking cup and melt. Add frozen berries, frozen peanut butter or almonds to melted Nuggets and stir in with a toothpick. Remove from heat and chill cups in refrigerator.
Note: A cutting board in a handy way to move the cups to the refrigerator. Leave the cups on the cutting board until chocolate has hardened.
Makes 24 candies



24 Candies


March 21, 2012


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