Quick Super Bowl Cheese Buns


200 grams salted butter
250 grams cottage cheese
200 grams cheddar cheese or mix few cheese types
Pitted olives, if you wish to stuff the bun
food processor (if you have one)


Heat the oven to 180 C
In the food processor, add flour and butter process to dry crumbs. Add all the rest of the ingredients. If the the dough is very sticky, it's ok- don't add flour.
Shape the dough into balls of two tablespoons.
If you choose to stuff olive in each bun, poke one into the center of each roll.
Bake the buns on greased baking sheets.




My family enjoy the buns since my early days as yang mother back in the 70s'. Yesterday my daughter asked me : "mom can you make them for dinner?" Sure, i said. Then I've heard that the NFL super bowl in USA is starting and thought, "Oh it's great recipe for my sister in USA. She is having 3 Giants addicted to Super ball ( they play too )." When they are watching she is hiding (:)...

So here is the one to save you gals...it's easy and yummy. Have beer or hot chocolate and enjoy great moments in life...

I promise you your guests will love you. Go shopping when they are busy with the games..you can spend as much as you can, they will not notice at all at this time...Enjoy Darling. :)


18.0 buns


Monday, February 8, 2010 - 1:27pm


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