Technique: String Roasting


String roasting is an ancient method of roasting meats next to an open fire. It works well with chickens, turkey's, legs of lamb, and other large chunks of meat. To string roast, truss the meat well, then push a long metal skewer through one end. You then tie a long piece of kitchen string or twine to the skewer and hang from above near a fire. You want to do this with indirect heat next to a fire not directly above or the meat and the string will burn. One trick is to place a pan of potatoes, onions and other root vegetables below the item being roasted. As the fat melts it will drip onto the vegetables giving them extra flavor and preventing a mess. Once you have setup your roast, give it a bit of a spin to get started, the heat from the fire will usually keep it spinning back and forth for a long time, sometimes indefinitely. You may however, have to give it a little extra spin from time to time.


Other names: String Roasted
Translations: String Grauzdēšana, Styginių Skrudinimas, Şir de prăjire, Gudački roštilju, String Rang, String na ruszcie, String Roosteren, स्ट्रिंग बरस रही, String обжаривания, String σκάρα, سلسلة التحميص, 문자열 구우며, Řetězec Pražení, Стринг роштиљу, String litson, 字符串焙烧, String Torrat, String Praženje, Reťazec Praženie, String tostatura, מחרוזת צלייה, String Rostning, String Pemanggangan, 文字列焙煎, String torréfaction, String Rösten, String Ristning, String Steke, String Tostado, String обсмажування, String paahtaminen, Струнен печене

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