Technique: Wine Stewing


Wine Stewing means to cook small pieces of meat by simmering in wine. Water is the main cooking liquid in stews, but wine adds more flavor to the meat.


Other names: Wine Stew, Wine Stewed
Translations: Vīns Stewing, Vyno troškinimui, Vin vasa, Vino Stewing, Rượu Stewing, Wina żaroodporne, Wijn Stoven, शराब stewing, Vinho Stewing, Вино тушения, Οίνος stewing, النبيذ الطبخ, 와인 Stewing, Víno dušení, Вино стеуинг, 酒炖, Vi Estofat, Vino brbotajoča, Víno dusenie, Vino stufatura, יין המתבשלת, Vin Stewing, Anggur Stewing, ワイン煮, Vin à ragoût, Vin Stewing, Vin stewing, Vino Estofado, Вино гасіння, Viini Stewing, Вино, който става за компот



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