Technique: Quenelling


A quenelle is technique using two spoons to make a three-sided oval shape of ice cream, caviar, mousse, sorbet or any other soft food for a clean, classy presentation.

How to quenelle:
Tip-Use whipped cream, shortening, to practice the motion.

1. Start out with a clean, warm spoon, some use two spoons. But it's recommended to use one.

2. Begin working with the corner or edge of the container.

3. Hold the spoon so the inside of the bowl of the spoon should almost be facing the top of the ice cream. This way, the ice cream or other matter will roll on and into itself in the bowl of the spoon.

4. It's ok if the side that is exposed isn't quite right, that will be the bottom when you release it from the spoon.

5. Warm the spoon with by placing the palm of your other hand underneath the bowl of the spoon. Then quickly transfer it to your dish. Do not hesitate as a second too long can ruin the quenelle.

The technique will become easier with practice. It also takes practice to determine the right softness of the ice cream.


Other names: Quenelles, 3 Oval Sideded Oval Scoop, Quenelle
Translations: Куенеллинг

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