Technique: Blanching Bones


A preparatory step for stock making. Blanching bones helps to rid impurities that causes cloudiness in stocks although some chefs feels that blanching causes valuable flavors to be lost.

To blanch bones, rinse bones in cold water. Place bones in a stock pot and cover with cold water. The cold water will help dissolve impurities more readily than hot water. Bring the water to a boil. Drain the bones and rinse them well.


Translations: Blanšēšana Kauli, Blanširuoti Bones, Albire Bones, Blanširanje Bones, Blanszowania Bones, Blancheren Bones, हड्डियों blanching, Branqueamento Bones, Бланширование Кости, Ζεμάτισμα Οστά, ابيضاض العظام, 본즈가 창백, Předehřívání Bones, Бели кости, Blanching buto, 热烫骨头, Escaldat Ossos, Beljenje Kosti, Predhrievanie Bones, Scottatura Bones, בישול עצמות, Blanchering Bones, Blansing Bones, 骨を湯通し, Blanchiment Bones, Blanchieren Bones, Blanchering Bones, Blanchering Bones, Escaldado Huesos, Бланшування Кістки, Kalttaus Bones, Бланширане Кости




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