Technique: Pizza Base


As you can see the image,its kind of bread base that you can dress it to whatever you like.You also can use it as pizza base or anything else you desire.I will show you step by step on how you can get that shape.

1-First get yourself a let say 50gm dough.

2-Use roller to plain the dough entirely.This will remove all air trap inside the dough due to the yeast function.

3-Use you hand to roll it like a carpet.

4-Now bend it like carpet and cut it in the middle.But be careful not too much.

Now you get shape,put it on a tray and watch it "grow" bigger.You can put some sausage,cheese, mayonnaise and chili sauce or tuna flake and dress it as you wish.


Other names: Simple Pizza Base
Translations: Πίτσα Βάσης, Pizza bazės, قاعدة البيتزا, Pizza Základné, Пица бази, Pizza de bază, Pizza baze, Pizza Základní, פיצה Base, Пицца базы, Pizzabodem, 피자 자료, ピザベース, पिज्जा बेस, Base de Pizza, Піца бази, 比萨基地, Pizzabotten, Pizzapohja, Base de Pizza, Пица база



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