Technique: Waffle Cutting


Waffle cutting is the process of creating cuts in vegetables in waffle style.
You may use a mandoline if you want or any ordinary knife will do.


Other names: Waffle Cut, Waffle Cut
Translations: Vafeļu Griešanas, Vafliniai Pjovimo, Waffle de tăiere, Waffle Rezanje, Waffle cắt, Cięcie wafel, Waffle Snijden, वफ़ल काटना, Waffle de corte, Вафельные резки, Βάφλα κοπής, الهراء قطع, 와플은 커팅, Waffle řezání, Pemotongan Waffle, Wafol pagputol, 沃弗勒切割, Waffle de tall, Vafelj Cutting, Waffle rezanie, Waffle taglio, ופל חיתוך, Våffla Cutting, Блебетање сечења, ワッフルは、切削, Gaufre de coupe, Waffle Skæring, Vaffel Cutting, Waffle de corte, Вафельні різання, Vohveli leikkaus, Waffle рязане



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