Technique: Tourné Cutting


Tourne Cut is a method of shaping vegetables into oblong, football-like shapes. It is used for vegetables like carrots, potatoes, or squash. Classically, tourned vegetables have seven uniform sides. This technique produces an elegant and refined vegetable cut but also significant waste from trimming. Professional chefs use the resulting trim for purees, soups, and stocks.

A paring knife or a Tourner knife, which is also referred to as Bird's beak knife, are the types of knives preferred to make the tourne cut.


Other names: Tourné Cut, Tourner
Translations: Tourné Griešanas, Tourne Pjovimo, Tourne de tăiere, Rezanje Tourné, Tourne cắt, Tourne cięcia, Tourne Snijden, Tourné काटना, Tourné Corte, Турн резки, Tourné κοπής, قطع Tourné, Tourné은 커팅, Tourné řezání, Pemotongan Tourné, Tourné pagputol, 图尔内切割, Tourné tall, Tourn rezanie, Tourné taglio, Tourné חיתוך, Тоурне сечења, トゥルヌは切削, Tourné de coupe, Tourné Skæring, Tourné corte, Турн різання, Tourné leikkaus, Tourné рязане




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