Technique: Pot Roasting


Pot Roasting or Braising is a technique used to cook meat and poultry using a combination of dry heat and moist heat cooking methods. Large cuts of meat or poultry are first browned or seared in fat or in a hot oven, and then simmered in a flavorful liquid or sauce until tender.

The meat is often pot roasted whole, then sliced and served with the sauce or gravy in which it was cooked. This slow cooking method is well suited to less tender cuts of meat. Beef, Veal and Lamb are popular meats cooked by this method.


Other names: Braise, Braised, Pot Roast, Pot Roasted, Braising
Translations: Pot Grauzdēšana, Puodo Skrudinimas, Ghiveci de prăjire, Pot roštilju, Pot rang, Pot na ruszcie, Pot Roosteren, पॉट बरस रही, Пот обжаривания, Ποτ σκάρα, وعاء التحميص, 냄비 구우며, Pot Pražení, Pot Pemanggangan, Palayok litson, 锅焙烧, Cuinats, Pot Praženje, Pot Praženie, Pot tostatura, סיר צלייה, Pot Rostning, Шешир роштиљу, ポットロースト, Pot de torréfaction, Pot Rösten, Pot Ristning, Pot Steke, Cocinados, Пот обсмажування, Pot paahtaminen, Пот печене



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Well I will have to come try it out some time!

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I grew up with the best pot roast ever made by my mother! She taught me to only use a 7 bone pot roast and it is in my opinion the best cut for melt in mouth pot roast. I have definately tweeked my mom's recipe to suit my family's tastes and feel I now make the best pot roast!