Technique: Maillard Reaction


Chemical process responsible for enhancing flavors when toasting, roasting, and browning foods. Named for Louis-Camille Maillard , the French chemist who first described it early in the 20th century.


Translations: Maillard reakcijas, Maillard Reakcijai, Reacţia Maillard, Maillard reakcije, Phản ứng Maillard, Reakcja Maillarda, Maillard-reactie, Maillard रिएक्शन, A reação de Maillard, Реакция Майяра, Αντίδραση Maillard, رد الفعل مايار, Maillard 반응, Maillard reakce, Реакција Маиллардова, Maillard reaksyon, 美拉德反应, Reacció de Maillard, Maillardova reakcija, Maillard reakcie, Reazione di Maillard, Maillard התגובה, Reaksi Maillard, メイラード反応, Réaction de Maillard, Maillard-Reaktion, Maillard reaksjon, Reacción de Maillard, Реакція Майяра, Maillard реакция




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