Technique: Baking In Salt Crust


This technique is primarily done with fish, but can also be done with vegetables and other meats. The food is first covered with leaves and then a thick layer of salt, and baked in the oven. The salt seals in the moisture resulting in perfectly cooked, flavorful food.


Other names: Bake In Salt Crust, Baked In Salt Crust, Cout De Sel, Salt Crust Roasting
Translations: Cepamais sāls Garoza, Kepimo Druska pluta, Coacerea în crustă de sare, Pečenje u soli, Bánh Trong Salt Lớp vỏ, Pieczenia w Salt Crust, Bakken in zoutkorst, नमक में भूपटल पकाना, Assar em crosta de sal, Выпечка в Солт коры, Ψήσιμο στο αλάτι Κρούστα, وفي سولت قشرة الخبز, 소금에 지각 베이킹, Pečení v solné krustě, Печење у слана кора, Pagluluto sa hurno Sa Salt na tinapay, 在盐壳烘烤, Enfornar a Salt Crust, Baking V Salt Crust, Pečenie v soľnej krusa, Cottura in crosta di sale, אפייה מלח הקרום, Bakning i Salt Crust, Baking Dalam Garam Crust, 塩でクラストをベーキング, Cuisson en croûte de sel, Backen in Salzkruste, Bagning I Salt Crust, Baking I Salt Crust, Hornear en Salt Crust, Випічка в Солт кори, Leivonta Salt Crust, Печене в Солт земната кора



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