Technique: Salt Broiling


Method of cooking under or over a direct heat where the food, most commonly fish, is given a light coating of salt prior to cooking. The salt will cause the outer skin of the food to crisp and brown more efficiently. This is a popular method of cooking [[food:GMYNZD4G:Mackerel]] and [[food:DST67WZT:Salmon]] in Japan.


Other names: Salt Broil, Salt Broiled, Shio Yaki
Translations: Sāls Broiling, Druska Broiling, Sare Broiling, Salt pečenje, Muối hun nóng, Sól ruszcie, Zout braden, नमक broiling, Соль палящим, Αλάτι ψήσιμο, ملح حارق, 소금 Broiling, Garam panas sekali, Salt ihaw, 盐炒籽, Sal Rostir a la graella, Sale rovente, מלח צלייה, Salt gassande, Соли печење, ソルト暑苦しい, Salt gril, Salt broiling, Salt bagende, Sal Asar a la parrilla, Сіль палючим, Salt paahtavan, Сол Broiling



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