Technique: Infusing Cream


Infusing milk or cream adds a wonderful flavor to your dessert. The flavors of the herb or spice is captured in the milk or cream, giving it a lovely aromatic essence. Simply bring the milk or cream to a boil, add whole herb leaves or sprigs, and steep the mixture for 30 minutes, covered and off the heat. Pass it through a strainer and chill.

Any type of milk - skim milk, low-fat milk, whole milk, half-and-half, light cream, heavy cream, or a combination of these - may be used but the higher the fat content, the more herbal flavor will be captured.

Store in a covered container in the refrigerator up to the product's expiration date. Best used within 3 days when the flavor is strongest.


Other names: Infusing Milk
Translations: Lašinant Grietinėlė, Infuzarea Cream, Krem infusing, Infusing kem, Wlewu Cream, Infunderen Cream, Infusing क्रीम, Inspirando Cream, Вливая крем, Έγχυση της Cream, غرس كريم, 일으키는 크림, Infuzí krém, Menanamkan Cream, 563964霜, La infusió de crema, Vlivanje Cream, Infúzií krém, Infondendo Crema, יציקת קרם, Infusion Cream, Крем инфусинг, 注入クリーム, Infuser la crème, Infusion Cream, Poserne Cream, Infusjonen Cream, La infusión de crema, Вливаючи крем, Вливане на крем


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