Tool: Hurricane Cocktail Glass


A type of tall, stemmed cocktail glass with a curved side. Traditionally used to serve the cocktail known as a Hurricane.


Translations: Hurricane Cocktail Stikla, Uraganas kokteilį, Uraganul Cocktail de sticlă, Uragan Cocktail Staklo, Bão Cocktail Glass, Szkło Cocktail Hurricane, Hurricane cocktailglas, तूफान कॉकटेल ग्लास, Hurricane Glass Coquetel, Ураган коктейльный бокал, Ο τυφώνας ποτήρι κοκτέιλ, إعصار كوكتيل الزجاج, 허리케인 칵테일 글래스, Hurikán koktejl sklo, Badai Cocktail Glass, Hurricane kaktel Glass, 飓风鸡尾酒, Huracà copa de còctel, Hurikán koktail sklo, הוריקן כוס הקוקטייל, Orkanen cocktailglas, Ураган Коктел стакла, ハリケーンカクテルグラス, Verre à cocktail ouragan, Hurricane Cocktail-Glas, Hurricane Cocktail Glas, Orkanen Cocktail Glass, Huracán copa de cóctel, Ураган коктейльний келих, Hurrikaani Cocktaillaseja, Коктейл урагана Стъкло



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