Tool: Personal Wine Cellar


A personal wine cellar is a temperature-controlled appliance that sits on top of a kitchen counter and acts like a large temperature controlled wine-cellar. Usually holds between 6 and 9 bottles of wine at a time. Used for either red or white wine.


Translations: Personīgo vīna pagrabs, Asmeninis Vyno Rūsys, Personal Crama, Osobni vinski podrum, Wine Cellar cá nhân, Wine Cellar osobowych, Persoonlijke Wine Cellar, निजी शराब तहखाने, Adega Pessoal, Личный винный погреб, Προσωπική κάβα, الشخصية النبيذ القبو, 개인 포도주 저장실, Osobní Vinný sklep, Pribadi Cellar Wine, Personal na taguan ng alak, 个人酒窖, Celler personals, Osebna kleti, Osobné Vínna pivnica, יין אישי מחסן, Personlig Vinkällaren, Личне вински подрум, 個人ワインセラー, Cave à vin personnelle, Persönliche Wine Cellar, Personligt Vin Kælder, Personlig Wine Cellar, Bodega personales, Особистий винний льох, Henkilökohtainen Wine Cellar, Лична Винарска изба



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Keeps my Rieslings at the right temperature.