Tool: Bamboo Sushi Mat


Tied together from thin but durable strips of bamboo, the sushi mat rolls into a tidy cylinder to shape the rice, seaweed, vegetables, and seafood that make up sushi rolls. Many sushi chefs wrap them in plastic wrap to avoid sticking, especially when making rolls that have the rice on the outside, such as the California roll.
Be careful when cleaning it- don't let it soak water, or it would be ruined.


Other names: Bamboo Mat, Sushi Mat
Translations: Bambusa Sushi Mat, Bambuko Sushi motina, Bambus Sushi Mat, Sushi tre Mat, Mat Sushi Bamboo, Bamboe Sushi Mat, बांस सुशी Mat, Sushi de Bambu Esteira, Бамбук Суши Матем, Μπαμπού Mat Sushi, الخيزران حصيرة السوشي, 대나무 스시 매트, Bambu Sushi Mat, 竹寿司垫, Estora de bambú Sushi, במבוק מאט סושי, Бамбус Стадиони Мат, 竹寿司マット, Natte en bambou, Bamboo Sushi-Matte, Bambus Sushi Mat, Bambus Sushi Mat, Estera de bambú Sushi, Бамбук Суші матем, Бамбук Суши Мат



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