Tool: Trivet


A Trivet is a tool used to hold hot cookwares or food containers, and is primarily used to protect the table from heat damage.

The traditional trivet is tripod-like. Old trivets was used to elevate the pots from the coals of an open fire.


Other names: Hot Plate
Translations: Trijkājis, Trikojis, Pirostrie, Tronožac, Vật có ba chân, Trójnóg, Vuurbok, Gryteunderlag, Tripé, Таган, Πυροστιά, حامل ثلاثى القوائم, 삼발이, Třínožka, Троножац, Kalan, 特里韦, Trespeus, Stativ, Třínožka, Treppiede, חצובה, Kastrullunderlägg, Tatakan kaki tiga, トリヴェット, Trépied, Dreifuß, Bordskåner, Trébedes, ТАГА, Пиростия



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