Tool: Champagne Flute


A champagne flute is a stem glass with a tall, narrow bowl.

A Champagne flute is designed with minimal surface area at the top of the glass to reduce the the amount of bubbles lost and keep the sparkling wine carbonated for longer.


Translations: Champagne flauta, Champagne Flaut, Champagne Flauta, Szampan flet, Champagne Fløyte, Шампанское Флейта, Σαμπάνια Φλάουτο, شمبانيا الناي, 샴페인 플룻, Champagne flétna, Champagne plauta, 香槟长笛, Champagne Flauta, Champagne Flavta, Champagne flauta, שמפנייה חליל, Шампањац Флаута, シャンパンフルート, Flûte à champagne, Champagnerglas, Champagne Fløjte, शैम्पेन बांसुरी, Champagne Flauta, Шампанське Флейта, Champagne Huilu, Champagne флейта



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