Tool: Oval Clay Flame-Top Oven


The gentle heat distribution of these Burgundy clay cooking vessels makes them ideal for braising, browning and slow cooking.


Other names: Oval Clay Flame Top Oven
Translations: Ovālas Māla Flame-Top Krāsns, Ovalo formos Clay Liepsnos Top Orkaitės, Oval Flame-Top Clay Cuptor, Ovalni Glina Plamen-Top Peć, Oval Lò Clay Flame-Top, Clay Oval Flame-Top piekarnik, Oval Flame Clay Oven-Top, ओवल क्ले लौ टॉप ओवन, Oval forno de barro Chama-Top, Овал Клей Пламя-Top Духовка, Οβάλ Πηλός Φλόγα-Top Φούρνος, البيضاوي فرن الطين لهب - الأعلى, 타원형 클레이 화염 - 톱 오븐, Oválné Clay Flame-Top trouba, Oval Oven Flame-Top Clay, Hugis-itlog Clay apoy-tira sa Tuktok, 椭圆形的粘土火焰烤箱, Oval forn de fang Flame Top-, Oválne Clay Flame-Top rúra, Oval forno di argilla Fiamma-Top, הסגלגל תנור חימר למעלה להבה, Oval Clay Flame-Top Ugn, Овални Глина Пламен-топ Рерна, オーバルクレイ炎トップオーブン, Four en argile Ovale Flame-Haut, Oval Clay Flame-Top Ovn, Oval Clay Flame-toppen Ovn, Óvalo horno de barro Flame Top-, Овал Клей Полум'я-Top Духовка, Oval Clay Flame-Top Uuni, Овалния Глина Пламък-Top фурна



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