Tool: Manual Coffee Grinder


A device used to grind coffee beans by hand. The hand grinder offers a superior product because it does not heat the beans which allows them to retain their original flavors and oils.


Translations: Manual kafijas dzirnaviņas, Rankinis Kavos malūnas, Manual de cafea polizor, Ručni mlin za kavu, Hướng dẫn sử dụng cà phê mài, Podręcznik Młynki do kawy, Handleiding koffiemolen, मैनुअल कहवा की चक्की, Руководства Кофемолки, Εγχειρίδιο καφέ Μύλος, دليل مطحنة القهوة, 수동 커피 그라인더, Ruční mlýnek na kafe, Manual gilingan ng kape, 手动咖啡研磨机, Manual de Molinet de cafè, Ručný mlynček na kafe, Manuale Macinacaffè, ידנית קפה מלתעה, Manuell Coffee Grinder, Приручник Млин за кафу, 手動コーヒーミル, Manuel Moulin à café, Manuelle Kaffeemühle, Manuell Coffee Grinder, Manual de Molinillo de café, Інструкції Кавомолки, Manuaalinen kahvimylly, Ръководството мелница за кафе



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Stephanie Grillo's picture

I'm not sure why you would want to grind coffee beans by hand when there are great electronic grinders out there?