Tool: Chablis Glass


A type of glassware where the bowl brings out the complex aromas of Chardonnay and Chablis, highlighting their particular flavors by directing where the wine first meets the tongue.


Translations: Chablis Stikla, Chablis Stiklas, Chablis de sticlă, Chablis staklo, Szkło Chablis, Chablis Glas, शैबलिस ग्लास, Шабли стекла, Chablis Γυαλί, شابلي زجاج, 샤블리 유리, Chablis sklo, 塞布利玻璃, Chablis vidre, Chablis sklo, Chablis Vetro, שאבלי זכוכית, Chablis Glas, Шабли стакла, シャブリガラス, Chablis verre, Chablis Glas, Chablis vidrio, Шаблі скла, Chablis стъкло



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