Tool: Vegetable Cleaver


A vegetable cleaver is a heavy broad blade, used for chopping or slicing vegetables. It looks a little similar to the meat cleaver, however, the blade of the vegetable cleaver tapers gently to a slender cutting edge


Other names: Chinese Cleaver, Chinese Chef Knife, Cleaver
Translations: Dārzeņu cirvis, Augaliniai Cleaver, De legume Cleaver, Rau cleaver, Plantaardige Cleaver, सब्जी क्लीवर, Овощной Кливер, Φυτικά Cleaver, الخضر كليفر, 야채 클리버, Rostlinné Cleaver, Vegetable puthaw, 蔬菜克利弗, Rastlinska Cleaver, Rastlinné Cleaver, Vegetali Cleaver, ירקות קליבר, Vegetabiliska Cleaver, Поврће Цлеавер, 野菜クリーバー, Légumes Cleaver, Pflanzliche Cleaver, Vegetabilske Cleaver, Vegetabilsk Cleaver, Овочевий Клівер, Kasvis Cleaver, Растителни Cleaver



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