Tool: Serrated Knife


A serrated knife is a handheld instrument used for cutting. It has "teeth" along the edge which helps facilitate the easy cutting of food or ingredients. It also relies on a "sawing motion" that drags the knife across the surface of the food as it moves down to slice it.

A serrated knife can be an all-purpose tool. They can cut through bread, cake layers, and slice through tomatoes.

A good serrated knife needs to have a flexible blade, the right length, about 10 - 12 inches long, and serrations that are evenly spaced to make it a great all-purpose knife.

Serrated knifes can't be sharpened using a whetstone. You need to use a serrated knife sharpener that can sharpen those serrated edges.


Translations: Robotu nazis, Dantytomis peilis, Zimţate cuţit, Reckast nož, Răng cưa Knife, Ząbkowane Knife, Gekarteld mes, दाँतेदार चाकू, Faca serrilhada, Зазубренные нож, Οδοντωτό μαχαίρι, سكين مسننة, 톱니 모양의 나이프, Zoubkovaný nůž, Pisau bergerigi, May ngipin Knife, 锯齿刀, Ganivet serrat, Nazobčanimi Knife, Zúbkovaný nôž, Coltello seghettato, סכין משוננת, Räfflad kniv, Рецкаст нож, 鋸歯状ナイフ, Couteau cranté, Sägemesser, Savtakket kniv, Taggete kniv, Cuchillo serrado, Зазубрені ніж, Sahalaitainen veitsi, Назъбен нож




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