Tool: Omelet Turner


An omelet turner has a large head and thin edge to glide easily beneath omelets, fish and other fragile foods.


Other names: Omelette Turner
Translations: Omlete Turner, Omletas Turner, Omleta Turner, Omlet Turner, Omlet Turner, आमलेट टर्नर, Omelete Turner, Омлет Тернер, Ομελέτα Turner, أمليت تيرنر, 오믈렛 터너, Omeleta Turner, Telur dadar Turner, Torta Turner, 煎蛋卷特纳, Truita de Turner, Kajgana Turner, Omeleta Turner, Frittata Turner, חביתה טרנר, Omelett Turner, Омлет Тарнер, オムレツターナー, Omelette Turner, Omelett Turner, Tortilla de Turner, Омлет Тернер, Munakas Turner, Омлет Търнър



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