Tool: Pump Salad Spinner


A tool used to try lettuce and other foods by spinning. Fill the basket with rinsed fresh greens or berries, close the lid and press the knob to start the basket spinning. A push-button brake stops the motion so you can remove the dried contents.


Other names: Salad Spinner
Translations: Sūknis Salātu Spinner, Siurblio salotos spinner, Pompa Salata Spinner, Pumpa Salata Spinner, Bơm Salad Spinner, Sałatka Pump Spinner, Pomp Salad Spinner, पंप स्पिनर सलाद, Bomba Salad Spinner, Насос Салат паук, Αντλία Σαλάτα Spinner, مضخة سبينر صلاد, 펌프 샐러드 스피너, Čerpadlo salát Spinner, Пумпа салата Спиннер, Goma ng salad manunulid, 泵的旋转沙拉, Bomba Amanida Spinner, Črpalka Solata Spinner, Čerpadlo šalát Spinner, Pompa Salad Spinner, משאבה טווה סלט, Pump Sallad Spinner, Pompa Salad Spinner, ポンプサラダスピナー, Salade de pompe Spinner, Pump Salatschleuder, Pumpe Salat Spinner, Bomba Ensalada Spinner, Насос Салат павук, Pumpun salaattilinko, Помпа за салата фабрика



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