Tool: Alto-Shaam


The best way to cook meats so they retain their moisture and flavor is with an Alto-Shaam cookand hold oven. The patented HALO-HEAT heating process provides a large surface area of heat to the cooking cavity that reduces energy consumption and local hot spots. The advantage of low temperature, even-heat applications are: optimum enzyme action to naturally tenderize or "age" meats; improved flavor, color and nutrition; more tender and juicier meats. Roasts shrink less resulting in significantly greater yield and increased number of servings. Over-production of beef, pork, and lamb, after overnight refrigeration, can be reheated to required temperatures in these ovens with only minor deterioration to the product. HALO HEAT equipment can hold foods for extended periods of time without bacteria growth, no additional cooking, and with minimal dehydration to the product. HALO HEAT equipment will save money on electric bills because the units require only one-half to one-third the energy of conventional ovens. Tests conducted by the Wisconsin Electric Power Company have proven conclusively that HALO HEAT low temperature cooking consumes the lowest known amount of electrical energy per pound of cooked meat. This equipment produces no smoke, heavy fumes, or combustible gases, which eliminates the need for exhaust hoods and outside venting. This not only simplifies and lowers or eliminates installation costs, but also gives the foodservice facility the continuing flexibility to roll units wherever needed. The secret to cooking juicier, tastier meats with less energy is an Alto-Shaam cook and hold oven.


Other names: Halo Heat, Shammer, Cook and Hold
Translations: アルト- Shaam, ألتو ، الشام, Alto-Shaa, 알토 - Shaam, एल्टो की शाम, 阿尔托- Shaam, Алто-Схаам, Alt-Shaam



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I have used Alto-Shaam ovens in my restaurant for over 20 years and can honestly say they hold up and produce the best product from any oven I have tried before. BH in Santa Fe

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Not only does Alto-Shaam make a great oven but their warming cabinets are the best money can buy also. Ryan in Utah

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My Prime Rib business is based off of Alto-Shaam cookers. My customers consistantly compliment the texture and taste of their prime rib. I could't be happier. Karen in Arizona

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Anyone looking to buy an oven that makes a great finished product needs to try an Alto-Shaam oven. I did and haven't changed since. Makes my life alot easier and profitable. Keep up the good work. William, Arhus Denmark

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Is this oven available in India....... VK from Mumbai

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Our organization has 20 Alto-Shaam ovens working 7 days a week, producing the best quality beef in town. Don't know what I would do without them. Need to upgrade a few older ones but they are not the cheapest oven around. Hate to mess with succeess. Chef Bill, Las Vegas