Tool: Panini Grill


A special, heavy grill used for making the Italian grilled sandwiches known as panini. Sandwiches are placed on the grill, then a heavy lid is placed on top to press the sandwich, creating grill marks on the outer sides of the bread.

This pan is also great for cooking and searing steak, fish or chicken. The heavy lid holds down the meat and helps to give it an overall even sear.


Translations: パニーニグリル, بانيني شوايه, Panini Gril, Grill Panini, 그릴 Panini, Panini Gril, Panini גריל, Pöytägrilli, Panini grill, पाणिनी ग्रिल, Панини Гриль, Панин Гриль, 三明治烧烤, Панини Грилл, Panini грил



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