Tool: Ceramic Santoku Knife


A santoku knife made of lightweight zirconium oxide. It is resist to corrosion and keeps its razor-sharp edge much longer than other professional blades, even high-carbon steel. The blade resists germs and is impervious to acid, oil and salt, so it won’t rust or brown foods.


Translations: Keramikas Santoku nazis, Keramikos Santoku peilis, Ceramice Santoku cuţit, Keramičke Nož Santoku, Gạch Santoku Knife, Nóż Santoku ceramicznych, Keramische Santoku Knife, सिरेमिक चाकू Santoku, Santoku faca de cerâmica, Керамический нож Santoku, Κεραμικών μαχαιριών Santoku, السيراميك Santoku سكين, 세라믹 Santoku의 칼, Keramické Santoku nůž, Keramik Santoku Pisau, Karamik Santoku Knife, 陶瓷刀Santoku, Ganivet de ceràmica Santoku, Keramični Santoku Knife, Keramické Santoku nôž, Coltello di ceramica Santoku, Santoku קרמיקה סכין, Keramisk Santoku Kniv, Керамика Сантоку Нож, セラミック三徳ナイフ, Couteau Santoku Céramique, Ceramic Santoku Messer, Keramisk Santoku Knife, Keramisk Santoku Knife, Cuchillo de cerámica Santoku, Керамічний ніж Santoku, Keraamiset Santoku Knife, Керамични Santoku нож




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Curt's picture

Ceramic knives are really cool, really sharp, really expensive and break really easily if you drop them into the sink or onto the floor..