Tool: Cake Knife


A long, slender knife used to slice cake The blade of a cake knife is long so that it can easily cut through cakes of all sizes. Cake knives also have a slightly curved blade, which promotes easy cutting. They're usually serrated, so it doesn't ruin the crumb of the cake. The serrations are usually broad, and the blade itself is relatively thin and lightweight so that it does not damage the cake.


Translations: Cake nazis, Cake peilis, Tort de cuţit, Torta Nož, केक चाकू, Торт нож, Κέικ Μαχαίρι, كعكة سكين, 케이크 나이프, Cake nůž, Keyk Knife, 蛋糕刀, Pastel cuchillo, Cake nôž, עוגת סכין, Торта Нож, ケーキナイフ, Tortenmesser, Pastís ganivet, Торт ніж, Cake veitsi, Торта нож



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