Tool: Jelly Roll Pan


A jelly roll is similar to a baking or cookie sheet, except it has sides. They have many uses such as for roasting vegetables and baking cookies, coffee cakes, and of course, jelly rolls.


Translations: ゼリーパンロール, Jelly Roll Visos, جيلي رول عموم, Jelly Roll Pán, 젤리 롤 팬, ג 'לי רול פאן, Јелли Ролл Пан, Jelly Roll pan, Halaya Roll Pan, जेली पैन रोल, Джеллі Ролл Пан, 果冻辊潘, Джелли Ролл Пан, Jelly Roll Pa, Желе Roll Пан



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