Tool: Sashimi Knife


A Sashimi knife is a traditional Japanese knife made of lightweight, high quality steel. They are especially designed to slice fish.

Japanese knifes are beveled which means only one side is sharpened. This allows the knife to be sharper, this is important because a sharp knife is key to a sushi's silky texture.


Translations: Sašimi nazis, Σασίμι Μαχαίρι, ساشيمي سكين, Sashimi nôž, Сасхими Нож, Sashimi cuţit, 사시미 칼, Sashimi Messer, Sashimi nůž, סשימי סכין, Sashimi нож, Sashimi mes, 刺身ナイフ, Sashimi चाकू, Sashimi Cuchillo, Sashimi ніж, Pisau sashimi, 生鱼片刀, Sashimi veitsi, Sashimi Ganivet, Sashimi нож



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