Tool: Non-Reactive Pan


Pot or pan made of or coated by a material that does not have a chemical reaction to acids and salts. The most common types are made of glass or ceramic. Often called for in recipes that require cooking with vinegar or citrus juice. Cooking in a reactive pan, such as those made of cast-iron or copper, with these ingredients will lead to a metallic taste and can cause the food to change a to darker color.


Other names: Non-Reacitve Pot
Translations: Ķīmiski neaktīvus Pan, Nereaktyviosios Visos, Non-reactive Pan, Non-Reaktivni Pan, Phản ứng không Pan, Niereaktywne Pan, Niet-reactieve Pan, गैर पान रिएक्टिव, Não Reativo Pan, Нереактивный Пан, Μη Αντιδραστική Pan, غير متفاعل عموم, 비 팬 대응 조치, Non-Reaktivní Pan, Non-Reaktif Pan, Non-reaktibo Pan, 非活性潘, No reactiu Pa, Nereaktivni Pan, Non-Reaktívne Pan, Non reattivo Pan, Non-reactive פאן, Icke-reaktivt Pan, Нон-реактивног Пан, 禁煙パン反応, Non réactif Pan, Ikke-reaktivt Pan, Ikke-Reaktiv Pan, No reactivo Pan, Нереактивного Пан, Ei-reaktiivinen Pan, Негодна Пан


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