Tool: Reamer


A reamer is a popular kitchen tool for extracting the juice from citrus and pomegranates. The tool has a conical ridged head on top of a slender handle. Often made from wood, glass, porcelain or rubber.


Other names: Hand Held Reamer, Juicing Reamer, Citrus Reamer
Translations: Plėstuvas, Alezor, Razvrtač, Người khoan lổ, Rozwiertak, Ruimer, बैटवारा, Mandril, Развертка, Τρύπανο δι 'εύρυνσιν οπών, مخرطة, 리머, Výstružník, Alat untuk membesarkan lubang, Rimer, 绞刀, Mandrí, Razvrtač, Výstružník, Alesatore, מקדד, Brotsch, Развртач, リーマー, Fraise, Reibahle, Escariador, Розгортка, Райбер

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