Tool: Spoon


A versatile kitchen utensil used to serve, stir, measure, mix and eat foods liquid, semi-solid and solid foods such as yogurt, ice cream, cereals, rice and much more. Spoons come in a variety of sizes and shapes depending on their intended usage.

Its modern form appeared in the 18th century.


Translations: Karote, Šaukštas, Lingură, Žlica, Muông, Łyżka, Lepel, चम्मच, Colher, Ложка, Κουτάλι, ملعقة, 숟가락, Lžíce, Кашика, Kutsara, 勺子, Cullera, Lyžice, Cucchiaio, כפית, Sked, Sendok, スプーン, Cuillère, Löffel, Ske, Skje, Cuchara, Ложка, Lusikka, Лъжица



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