Tool: Clay Lasagna Dish


For great lasagna, a deep rectangular baking dish is a necessity. Fired at 2100°F, clay becomes chip resistant with a glaze that won’t scratch or craze, even when you’re cutting inside the dish. Goes directly from the freezer to the microwave or oven.


Translations: Clay lazanja Trauku, Molis LASAGNA patiekalai, Lasagna vase de lut, Clay Lazanje Dish, Gliniane naczynia Lasagna, Clay Lasagna schotel, मिट्टी Lasagna डिश, Clay louça Lasagna, Клей Лазанья Блюдо, Πηλός Dish Lasagna, طين ازانيا طبق, 점토 라자냐 요리, Clay Lasagne mísa, Clay Lasagna ulam, 克莱拉萨尼亚碟, Argila plat Lasagna, Clay lazanja Dish, Clay Lasagne misa, קליי תבשיל לזניה, Глина Лазање антене, クレイラザニア皿, Plat à lasagne Clay, Clay lasagne Dish, Clay Lasagne Dish, Arcilla plato Lasagna, Клей Лазанья Блюдо, Clay lasagne Astianpesukoneet, Глина Лазаня антена



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