Tool: Outdoor Gourmet Hardwood Grilling Planks


Here is the tried and true method of plank grilling that we use at Outdoor Gourmet. Make sure you experiment with grilling planks of different flavors for some exciting new dining experiences!

* Soak: Soak grilling planks it in any clean container as long as plank is completely submerged. Leave the plank to soak in water, stock or wine for 1 to 12 hours.
* Preheat: Grill to a medium heat of 350°-400°.
* Have a spray bottle ready for flare ups.
* Grill: Add food to grilling plank, place on grill, close the cover and cook. No flipping required.

Each wood type has it’s own, distinct flavor profile. In order from most robust to most delicate-

Cedar: Spicy, fragrant, and full-bodied

Hickory: Smoky and savory

Cherry: Subtly and fruity

Maple: Soft, round, and slightly sweet, like maple syrup

Alder: Delicate and earthy

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Other names: Grilling Planks

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