Tool: Muffin Topper


A shallow muffin pan used to create squat muffins. For people who enjoy the tops of muffins.

Don't just think of these for muffin tops, I use mine for molds for sausage patties and crab cakes as the sizes make great servings without measuring.


Translations: Mafins Topper, マフィントッパー, Keksas Topper, الكعك القبعة العالية, Колач Топпер, Brioşă Topper, 머핀 토퍼, מאפין צילינדר, Булка Топпер, Keik trumpo, ओलाद्या टॉपर, Булка Топпер, 松饼礼帽, Kolač Topper, Muffini Topper, Невероятни цилиндър



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