Tool: Cast Iron Grill Press


A cast iron press, or weight, that eliminates bacon from curling or presses out unwanted fat from burgers. Your bacon will turn out so much tastier than ever before. Cook's more evenly and faster, so the meat wont be hard and the fat, undone. You get crispy fat and tender meat.Sound's like tasier BLT's to me. Can also be preheated for grilled sandwiches and panini. Make's great Panini and grilled cheese/meat type sandwiches. You'll have a great sandwich in no time, with this piece of equipment in your kitchen.


Translations: Čuguna Grils Press, Ketaus Grill Spauda, Din fonta, Grill Comunicat de presă, Lijevano željezo Roštilj za tisak, Cast Iron Grill báo chí, Cast Iron Press Grill, Cast Iron Grill Druk op, कास्ट आयरन ग्रिल प्रेस, Press Grill Ferro Fundido, Чугунные решетки Пресс, Πρωταγωνιστές Τύπου Grill Σίδερο, الصحافة الحديد الزهر الشواية, 주철 그릴 보도 자료, Litinová Gril Tisk, Tekan Cast Iron Grill, Cast Iron grill Pindutin ang, 铸铁烧烤新闻, Graella de ferro colat de Premsa, Liatinová Gril Tlač, Ghisa Grill Press, משתתפות העיתונות ברזל גריל, Gjutjärn Grill Press, Цаст Ирон Роштиљ за штампу, 鋳鉄グリルプレス, Casting de presse grille en fer, Cast Iron Grill Presse, Støbejern Grill Press, Cast Iron Grill Trykk, Parrilla de hierro fundido de Prensa, Чавунні решітки Прес, Valurauta Grill Press, Чугун Прес грил




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An old but useful tool.