Tool: Stoneware Canister


Stoneware canisters are used for storing everything from coffee, flour to spices. People favor stoneware because the material is less likely to absorb or transfer food flavors or odors.


Translations: Akmens kārbā, Akmens kanistra, Gresie Canister, Kanister kamena, Canister đồ đá, Kamionka Canister, Steengoed Canister, पत्थर के पात्र कनस्तर, Grés Canister, Керамические канистра, Stoneware κανίστρου, العلبة الحجرية, 석기 용기, Kamenina kanystr, Опекарски Канистер, Stoneware kanistra, 炻筒, Gres canister, Posoda iz kamna, Kamenina kanister, חרס קופסה, Stengods Canister, Wadah periuk-belanga, 石器キャニスター, Grès traîneau, Steinzeug-Kanister, Stentøj Canister, Steintøy Canister, Gres Canister, Керамічні каністра, Kivitavaraa Kanisterin, Каменина туба



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