Tool: Platewise Bamboo Plates & Bowls


Platewise is a revolutionary new line of tableware that is stylish and a true green solution for chefs who want eco-responsible presentations that are also beautiful. Front of the House (FOH), which is based in Miami, Florida, created and manufactures Platewise.

They're made of natural bamboo and are entirely MELAMINE-FREE, which means that Platewise is a safer, healthier choice than other products that contain the toxic ingredient. The FDA acknowledges that melamine can migrate into food from tableware under some circumstances. Why take a chance?

Platewise is a smart, non-toxic servicing solution that is also stylish and durable. Dishwasher-safe is not a phrase associated with natural elements such as bamboo but Platewise defies traditional usability restrictions for bamboo. All products in the Platewise line have been tested, commercially washed thousands of times with no cracking or loss of lustre.

They are biodegradable and easily decompose in landfills.

Platewise is a great, responsible alternative to plastic dishes and melamine.

Whether for use indoors or outdoors, Platewise is a wise choice, offering a perfect combination of style, function and durability at budget prices.

They are eco-chic, eco-nomical and eco-logical.

You can see the entire Platewise line at


Other names: Front of the House (FOH) Revolutionary New Bamboo Plates



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