Tool: Toaster Oven


A toaster oven is a cross between a bread toaster and an oven. It is a small, countertop electrical device that serves as an alternative to heating a larger kitchen oven.

The toaster oven can reheat, bake, broil, toast, brown or defrost a wide variety of food. They heat up faster compared to regular ovens.


Translations: Tosteris Krāsns, Skrudintuvas, Prajitor paine cuptor, Toster, Lò nướng bánh mỳ, Toster piekarnik, टोस्टर ओवन, Torradeira, Тостер, Τοστιέρα Φούρνος, محمصة فرن, 오븐 토스터, Opékač topinek, Тостер Рерна, Toster hurno, 烤箱, Torradora Forn, Toaster pečice, Hriankovač, Tostapane, טוסטר אובן, Brödrost Ugn, Oven Toaster, トースターオーブン, Grille-pain four, Toaster, Toastmaskine, Brødrister, Tostadora Horno, Тостер, Leivänpaahdin, Тостер




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