Tool: Cocktail Strainer


A bar tool used to strain drinks that are shaken with ice, fruit, herbs, or any other solids. It has a flat top consisting of holes, and a coil that runs around the perimeter, which helps keep the strainer in place when placed over a shaker.


Other names: Hawthorne Cocktail Strainer, Hawthorne Strainer
Translations: Cocktail sietiņš, Kokteilių koštuvas, Cocktail sita, Koktel cjediljka, Cocktail lọc, Koktajl Sitko, Cocktail Zeef, कॉकटेल छलनी, Coador Cocktail, Коктейль фильтра, Κοκτέιλ Φίλτρο, كوكتيل المصفاة, 칵테일 거르는, Koktejl Sítko, Kaktel salaan, 鸡尾酒过滤, Còctel colador, Cocktail Odcejevalnik, Koktejl Sitko, Cocktail Filtro, קוקטייל מסננת, Cocktail Sil, Коктел цедиљка, カクテルストレーナー, Cocktail Passoire, Barsieb, Cocktail Sil, Cóctel colador, Коктейль фільтра, Коктейл цедка


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